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For further insight into the dynamic collaborative relationship between the artistic couple of Haydn and Eva Davies, please visit

Interest in Haydn's work appears in various forms, large and small. Sometimes the focus is a passionate academic and artistic debate, often regarding the chapter on Homage in seminal book by Nicholas Roukes but most often we simply see a photograph online, posted for all to enjoy.

Aerial views of Haydn's sculptures may be seen on "VirtualGlobetrotting". The two pieces featured are Trevan's Arch in Vero Beach Florida and Composition with 5 Elements in Windsor, Ontario.

Images of Haydn's public art appear on the photo-sharing website Flickr and the media information site NowPublic.

Professional critiques, such as the detailed analysis by McMaster's Professor Alison McQueen represent a deep seated desire to interpret Haydn's artistic legacy to the community.

In the case of HOMAGE, the play written by Anthony Black and directed by Christian Barry, the canvas is larger still and represents years of dedication and a motivation to raise the issue of artistic legacy to the public forum.

One of the most interesting developments in the controversy surrounding the destruction of HOMAGE has been the availability of a detailed account of the event on the Wikipedia website. Access to this information ensures that the debate surrounding Artist's rights, intellectual property and moral rights should continue to be discussed in earnest among the members of the Arts community.

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