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Articles from the Press Concerning the Destruction of HOMAGE:

Following the destruction of HOMAGE, the story quickly received national attention, thanks to an article by James Adams of the Globe and Mail.

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When it came to light that the Administration of Lambton College acted unilaterally and without consultation of the artist or his family in deciding to destroy a 30 year old landmark, the story appeared on the CBC website.

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Upon Haydn's release from Hospital, James Adams followed up
with a visit to Haydn's home for an interview.

The story has been picked up Arts Journal Magazine, Sympatico/MSN,
Arts News Canada, the UofT News Digest and the NY Arts Magazine.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Van Paassen

Regarding the Relocation of Sculpture:

In 2004, Haydn received a call from a local Real Estate Developer. Plans for a new downtown condo development the developer explained, left no room for one of Haydn's large pieces which had stood for years at Harbourfront's entrance.

Because the sculpture had become a landmark in the area, the developer understood its significance and was offering the sculpture to Haydn in an effort to find a new home.

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Having received the sculpture for free, Haydn could donate it to an interested gallery. Within days Haydn found a new home for what is now "Algoma Blue" at the Art Gallery of Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.

Haydn accomplished this feat several times in his career, in one case moving a piece from Vancouver to Toronto, where it appeared as part of a summer show at the Guild Inn, then finally to its permanent home in Cambridge Ontario.

Curators are usually happy to cover the modest cost of dismantling, moving, refurbishing and installing a donated piece of sculpture. It represents a new acquisition for an art gallery and may well have an asset value of as much as ten times the modest cost of relocation.

An enthusiastic local media covers the installation of Sault Ste. Marie's new acquisition, "Algoma Blue".

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