Haydn's Early Career


The War Years

The Young Artist

The Creative Director

The War Years

The Young Artist

The Creative Director
The War Years:

In 1940, as a recent graduate of the Art Program at Central Technical School in Toronto, Haydn volunteered to take a trip to Europe (with some strings attached) courtesy of World War II.

In an attempt to make the most of his situation Haydn busied himself with art,
sketching on trains and by winning an airforce-wide poster competition.

The poster is now in the collection of the Victioria and Albert Museum in London as well as the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

Stationed in England:
Haydn served 1939-1945
From Haydn's Sketchbook:
On The Train from Edinborough
First Place:
RCAF Poster Competition
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The Young Artist and Activist:

Once "demob'd" from the RCAF, Haydn returned to the Ontario College of Art to continue his art training.

In his last year at OCA, Haydn was a founding member of the
"Canadian Younger Artist's Group", along with Hilary Menzies,
Tom Hodgson and Art Thorne (pictured below with Haydn).

Their goal was set the world on fire - with a combination of Thalo Blue and Naples Yellow.
News Photos:
The First Exhibition of the Younger Artist's Group at the AGO

The Creative Director and Husband:

Throughout Haydn's early career in advertising, Eva was supportive and actively participated in many ventures. At one point they started and published a magazine called "Display in Canada".

An early sales presentation (pictured below-right) involved attending a meeting of the Display Club of Canada, where a slightly skewed gender ratio left Eva noticeably outnumbered.

Years later, Haydn was featured in Marketing Magazine.

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