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Planar Sculpture:

In 1992 Haydn's largest exhibition entitled "Planar Constructions" toured extensively, appearing at galleries in Ontario, New York, North Carolina, Florida and Texas.

During this period Haydn established an extreme approach to the use of negative space in the interplay between mass and void. He often used nothing more than wire to imply a connection between widely spaced masses, thereby creating a relationship between those elements and an overall tension in the sculpture.

Title: Construction No.5
Material: Found Objects
(Metal, Brass, Plastic, Wire and Wood)
Title: Construction No.7
Material: Steel and Wire
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Over the next 15 years Haydn created smaller scale planar pieces which were more manageable. He became concerned with materials rather than scale. These sculptures focused on the creation of visual impact and tension through the use of found objects, industrial materials, texture and colour.

Title: Number Three
Material: Steel and Found Objects

Title: Counterweight
Material: Cast Aluminium

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