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Volumetric Sculpture:

The term "Volumetric" implies a dynamic tension between the solid forms and the negative voids of any complex shape. Haydn's experiments in the use of mass and void produced the Volumetric Sculptures displayed here.

Title: Tectonic
Material: Cast Bronze
Title: SpaceForm
Material: Welded Steel
homage homage
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The Cromlech Series:

Haydn was influenced by the stone 'Cromlech' and prehistoric burial mounds of South Wales where he grew up. (example right)

Homage was the first of this type of Open Form Volumetric pieces, followed by numerous variations done in welded steel, aluminium and cast bronze.

Various 'cromlech' inspired sculptures now reside in permanent collections in art galleries and institutions around the world.

These institutions include the Museum of Fine Art in Brussels, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, The Gallery of International Modern Art in Venice and the London School of Economics.

Title: Cromlech
Material: Welded Steel
Title: Sculpture for Jonathan
Material: Welded Aluminium
homage homage

Title: Cromlech II
Material: Welded Steel

Title: Venice Piece
Material: Welded Steel
homage homage

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